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1. For what age are the Jono Books written?

• The Jono Books are suitable for an intelligent reader aged eleven or twelve. The last books in the Jono series are suitable for an intelligent reader thirteen or older. The stories are set in a magical time about 4500 years ago when some monsters were different from what they are today but people were the same. For the most part, the books use proper English and are useful for the teaching of English. The books do not use the words whom and whomever because those words have never served any good purpose and are now anachronisms.

2. How many books are there?

• The series has 5 books that describe Jono’s life from age twelve to sixteen. The titles of the books — in order — are: A Meeting of Wizards, School of Wizardry, Wizards and Emperors, Jono and Laura, Laura and Damon.

3. Does the series tell me how warlocks and witches came to be? Does the series have a gnome, a night-hag, some harpies, some pixies, some ghosts and some monsters?

• Yes.

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4. Is the Jono series for boys only?

• No. The stories give equal time to boys and to girls or to men and to women.

5. Do the Jono books have any special features?

• The books have a Pronunciation Guide because some of the characters' names are not easy to pronounce.

6. Is the series suitable for translation?

• The series is eminently translatable because its humor does not depend much upon wordplay. Rather, the humor arises out of the predicaments that befall its characters. Standard English is usually used by all the characters.

7. Who is John Hosh?

• I took up writing after spending some years as a public servant. I live near Vancouver, Canada.

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